3M Corning / VOL-PPCB-F24K / Unloaded Patch Panel 24 port

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Brand: 3M.
Product Code: VOL-PPCB-F24K

  • Includes cable tray. Automatically provides earth connection to jack upon insertion into patch panel
  • Compatible with all versions of 3M™ RJ45 K6 or K5e jacks, the Classic patch panel provides a solution for all electromagnetic compatibility protection levels. Full protection against conducted and radiated interference is provided by the individual shield of the STP 360° braid on the STP jack version. This feature additionally prevents interference between jacks on the same patch panel 
  • • Lowest cost option to use with racks with integral cable management
  • • Coloured identification caps
  • High performance patch panel : Category 6 hardware patch panels when loaded with the RJ45 K6 jacks
  • High density modular concept : individual installation and replacement of jacks gives easier and more economical maintenance - lowest cost option using Economic UTP versions, for use with racks having integral cable management
  • Fully shuttered presentation when loaded : increased dust protection, especially during installation or in a dirty environment
  • • Direct and individual earthing connection upon insertion of jacks (FTP and STP 360° shielded jacks) : increased EMC protection, minimising conducted interference
  • Total shielding on STP 360° shielded jacks :  additional protection against radiated interference, even between jacks in the same panel

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