Grandsecu Face Recognition & body temperature test measure / GS-NPA01-2EAX-ST

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Product Code: GS-NPA01-2EAX-ST

·         Intelligent body temperature test, Face Recognition,Face Mask Detection, Access control. Attendance record,Voice Alert

·         Support Multiple language, including English, Chinese,Korea, Italy, Japanese, Poland, Russia,Spanish

·         Unique face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize facesface recognition time is less than 500 ms,10000 faces compared database.

·         7 inch HD Monitor,Alarm in/out port

·         Wireless and RJ-45 wired network port

·         Video Resolution: 1920*1080 / 1280*720

·         Temperature Range: 30~45

·         Measurement accuracy:  ±0.3

·         Optimal measuring distance: 0.5 Meter (Measureing Distance: 0.3-1.0M)

·         PC management and Mobile App: P6SLite to push message with high teamperature Wall Bracket is Optional

Product specification 


·         Hisilicon 3516CV500 main chip,H.265 /H.264 ,1/2.8 IMX327/2MP sensor,support P6Spricate protocol +ONVIF2.6 protocol (downward compatible to ONVIF2.4),support web interface,Multiple parameters can be configured directly.


·         Support intelligent temperature(surveillance),Synchronous video overlay temperature data real-time display;Non-contact temperature measurement distance(0.3m--1.2m),Temperature measurement error range:+-0.3 degrees centigrade;


·         Support AI face comparison,Through the recognition of the results to control the door opening action or prompt voice alarm;Support Weigen protocol;


·         Support mask recognition function,The powerful AI algorithm is used to accurately identify whether to wear a mask or not, and the voice broadcast is prompted synchronously, with the recognition accuracy reaching 98%.


·         Support RJ45+WIFI Hot spot distribution network,Support SD card storage and recording, cable can externally connect 485 ,USB and alarming IO output .


·         Support LCD 7inch display:Support single machine system face recognition,mask recognition, Intelligent temperature monitoring display and voice prompt.


·         APP supports up to 4 people to view the device images online at the same time, and supports multiple languages.


·         Professional ESD anti-static design of the net port, through discharge reactance disturbance resistance test (contact discharge 4KV, air gap discharge 6KV).

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